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Caroline Wagstaffe holistic therapist and reiki master Northumberland

Caroline Wagstaffe - Holistic Therapy, Yoga, Pregnancy and Birth Support

Holistic therapies

I have been working as a holistic massage therapist in Hexham, Northumberland, since 2004 and through the years have developed a deep respect for this work. I am fascinated by the inter-connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual body and how, by addressing all these elements such a depth of healing can be reached.

Between 2002 – 2004 I attained my reiki attunements and am qualified to the highest level, a ‘Reiki Master’. I often like to incorporate both holistic massage and reiki techniques into my treatments.

I have more recently completed training in Thai yoga massage which is a lovely amalgamation of yoga and massage allowing the body to stretch and be massaged at the same time!

I also have experience with working as a massage and reiki therapist for people with serious life-threatening illnesses or at the end of their lives. This is a profoundly moving time and the supportive quality and physical relief this work can bring to both patient and carers can be invaluable.

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Birth work

I am a mother of three and since having my own children I have been inspired to specialise in pregnancy and childbirth. During my second pregnancy I was inspired to expand my knowledge as a massage therapist to specialise in pregnancy, labour and postnatal massage.

Around the same time I undertook a fascinating a two-year training course as a birth educator and pregnancy yoga teacher. This prepared me for teaching a weekly pregnancy yoga class which, as well as the movement, has a large focus on informative and practical birth preparation.

I have been working as a doula for a number of years now, with the first birth I attended in 2009. I have since supported many families in their birth journeys, giving me a wealth of experience.

I have developed my own antenatal course for pregnant women and their birth partners, which I have have had so much positive feedback for. In 2018 I completed a postnatal yoga teacher training course with Birthlight in London and now run weekly classes for mothers and their babies.

I have done the NHS breastfeeding peer support training and I have experience in supporting mothers to breastfeed.

I have also worked with refugee families in Greece offering support in pregnancy, birth and feeding and have completed the Infant Feeding in Emergencies (IFE) training.

I am committed to keeping myself informed, updated and to continuous professional development.