pregnancy massage
Pregnancy massage Hexham

Pregnancy Massage

Massage during any stage of pregnancy can be incredibly beneficial for your changing body, preparing for birth and for your baby. Pregnancy massage works to release tension, gently toning, re-balancing and strengthening areas of weakness. Feelings of exhaustion can be relieved with deep relaxation combined with energy-boosting techniques.

The use of acupressure points can alleviate pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and stress and support the uterus. In late pregnancy and birth, acupressure can help to regulate or stimulate contractions, support changes of the baby's position and assist with expulsion of the placenta.

Your baby will also benefit from massage as more nutrients will be carried through the placenta, nourishing your baby. The hormonal release you experience when feeling relaxed and calm (oxytocin and endorphins) also transfer to the baby and they often respond to touch.

Self-care strategies can be discussed in your preparation for birth such as stretches and exercises, breathe awareness and grounding techniques. I also teach pregnancy yoga and I am experienced in how movement can support pregnancy and birth preparation.

Pregnancy massage can help with:

  • pelvic instability /SPD
  • sciatica
  • sore hips, ribs, legs and back
  • laboured breathing
  • compression in joints
  • oedema
  • muscle tension
  • poor circulation
  • digestive problems
  • heart burn