Caroline Wagstaffe Holistic Therapies and postnatal yoga
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Postnatal Yoga

My postnatal yoga classes are for new mothers with their babies. They are gentle and restorative with focus on strengthening, toning, realigning, breathing and deeply relaxing.  It is a lovely opportunity to give yourself some much needed self care, spend special time bonding with your baby and meet and connect with other mothers.

There is a progression in terms of yoga poses and pace through out your postnatal period. By the time your baby is getting active or even toddling you will feel ready to return to a normal yoga class.

The priority is obviously to meet your babies' needs, so if you need to feed or walk your baby about or change a nappy that is fine and very normal! There is lots you can tune into in terms of breath work, postural awareness and small stretches even if you need to attend to your baby.

The intention is that you can meet both of your needs together and develop self care skills to take into your busy day-to-day life. The class is full of the joy of babies and no-one minds if there is chatter or even a few tears!