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Holistic Massage

Holistic massage promotes healing, deep relaxation and self awareness on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

My treatments focus on the inter-connection between all the aspects that make up the ‘whole’ person. I try to create an environment which is respectful, peaceful and deeply healing in order for the whole self to be cared for.

I use a mixture of Swedish massage techniques working with oil directly on the skin, alongside other techniques such as energy balancing (the laying of hands on the body), breathing awareness, stretching and passive movements.

Benefits of holistic massage

  • promotes deep relaxation and a sense of calm and stillness
  • reduces tension, anxiety and stress
  • motivates the body's self-healing processes
  • invigorates and relaxes muscles
  • increases energy levels
  • encourages sleep
  • allows the body to feel more grounded and centred; feeling at home in oneself
  • assists with slipped disks, sciatica, whiplash and other chronic conditions
  • stimulates all the bodily systems: circulation, digestion, relaxes the nervous system, boosts immunity and enables deeper, more effective respiration.