Caroline Wagstaffe Holistic Therapist and pregnancy yoga classes
pregnancy yoga Hexham

Pregnancy Yoga

This pregnancy yoga class is a wonderful preparation for pregnancy, birth, and becoming a mother. It combines yoga, birth preparation techniques and discussion to fully prepare you for your birth and meeting your baby.

The yoga postures are tailored to your individual and changing needs, making it safe at all stages of your pregnancy. You don’t need previous experience of yoga and the pace is very gentle.

There is a strong focus on the breath and bringing your attention inwards in order to prepare you for birth and allow you time to connect with your body and baby. You will develop tools to use during birth - whatever your journey might be.

There is also an emphasis on postural awareness in my pregnancy yoga classes and meeting any aches and pains with gentle strengthening, softening and stretching techniques. There is a relaxation at the end in which you can fall deeply into rest to restore and rejuvenate yourself.

Discussion time after pregnancy yoga classes

After the yoga, I dedicate time to informal discussions around pregnancy, birthing and parenting accompanied by tea and biscuits. There is time to connect with other pregnant women and develop lasting friendships.

The aim of these antenatal discussions is that by the time your baby arrives, you feel well informed about all aspects of birth and feel supported and empowered. Topics we might discuss, for example, include the physiology of birth, your birth preferences, creating your birthing environment, ways of coping with labour, navigating the medical system, feeding and caring for your baby and your postnatal recovery.

There is a library of books you can borrow and recommendations for online resources and the latest research. I regularly post articles on my Facebook page, and have a blog here to keep you up to date with the latest research.

As a trained birth educator and doula, my knowledge of birth and experience in supporting women is incorporated into the sessions so that I can guide you at your own pace, which helps you to tap into your own inner knowledge and intuition and enhances your connection with your baby.