Northumberland Doula and antenatal classes
Antenatal Classes Hexham

Antenatal Classes

My Northumberland antenatal classes empower pregnant women and their birth partners with practical information and emotional support to prepare for birth and parenting.

This course can either be experienced in a group setting or privately. I usually run about four courses of antenatal classes per year, so you can book at a useful stage of your pregnancy.

The content is aimed at pregnant women and their birth partner(s). The birth partner has such an important role in the birth and I believe it is so valuable that you are both as informed as possible and have lots of tools for coping with labour in your tool box.

Group classes are relaxed and friendly and are extremely valuable for sharing information and building connections with other parents. The classes are interactive and practical and there is lots of space for questions and discussions.

You will be given two booklets I have written packed with information and ideas which you can take to your birth.

I am a trained birth-educator and I can help you to access up-to-date research so that you feel fully informed and able to make the choices that are right for you during your pregnancy and birth. I also bring my library of books and resources, which you are welcome to borrow.

What do antenatal classes cover?

Over these sessions we will explore:

  • the physiology of birth, birth hormones and the stages of labour
  • the importance of the birthing environment
  • the role of the birth partner
  • techniques for coping with pain: discussion of non-medical tools to help, eg breathing techniques, massage, acupressure points , birth positions, ways to use a 'rebozo'/scarf to help with the position of the baby and relaxation
  • understanding medical interventions
  • understanding pain relief medication
  • how to navigate the medical system
  • the first hours with your baby
  • caring for a newborn
  • feeding your baby
  • caring for yourself postnatally